We pitched tent beneath millions of stars - part I

This is not going to be your average travelog or travel guide for a Himalayan adventure. This is the sweat, pain, and "shit" I have been through during my trip. This is my story. The story of how I did my first trip to Himalayas and survived to tell the story.

We all wish to travel north to the Himalayas, be one with nature, live a few days disconnect, enjoy nature at its rawest, and to change and be a new person bla...bla... I got all this and more in my last prodigious trip.

The Himalayan dream had been burning inside me for quite a while now. The farthest north of India I had ever been to was to Haridwar & Rishikesh which was several years back with my family. So when my trip plan with my best friends got canceled (Due to flood in Kerala, flights were canceled), I inquired with my colleagues, if any ones planning a Himalaya side trip. George came to the rescue.

George and team had already booked with thrillophilia.com for the "Har Ki Dun" trek, which is said to be a medium trek so I joined them. We were a total of 5 persons when planned. But later Appu and Suma got canceled as they had to go to Bangalore and their leaves got canceled. So it was me, George, and Jashim from here.

We planned for a 10 Day trip, out of which 6 was for the HKD trek alone. Remaining days were meant to explore the cities in the vicinity. We booked all the transport required but decided not to book the hotels, as we hadn't finalized where all we were going to stay. We completed our shopping from decathlon Kozhikode.

At last, the journey day came. We were to catch the "Sampark Kranthi" from Kozhikode station. We did the final shopping for medicines and the supplies for the train journey on the way to the station. Jashim got some of the stuff as he arrived early at the station.

For this 2 day journey to Delhi, we had stocked bread and peanut butter as our main course and some fruits for snacking. We also planned to take the train-meal on alternate times. Also, we had stocked up with energy foods like peanut bars, nuts & dry fruits for the trek.

The train was almost on time. Thus the first laps of the dream journey began...

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