To sea and beyond.

At the end of hot summer comes the cool rains bringing beautiful lightning and thunderstorms, quenching the thirst of our lands. The onset of Monsoon changes our landscape dramatically. Vegetations start to flourish and ponds fill with water. Kids get opportunities to fish from the rain drains around the house.
Along with all this, this season brings along other stuff, the bad ones, Diseases. The outbreak of monsoon also brings fever and communicable diseases. Even unemployment, and starvation adds up to this list.

Mari theyyam is performed to solve these issues. The Theyyam collect all the diseases and bad luck from the village and finally dispose of them off to the sea.

Mari Theyyams are performed every year on the 16th of the Malayalam month Karkidakam (August 30/31). Its performed in Madayi area of Kannur district in Kerala.

People believe that they get blessings from Mari theyyam which help to cure all ailments sufferings. At the end of the act, the theyyam moves towards the sea in a dancing fashion accompanied by music and drums, they dance as a group in the seashore.

The theyyam then tries to escape the crowd and jump into the sea, once the performer touches the sea water, he loses consciousness and passes out. Its the evil and diseases leaving their bodies. After this, the performer becomes normal and he is taken back to the seashore.

The performers make-up and the costumes are all left on the sea when he is brought back shore, symbolically dissolving away all the ailments and diseases.

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