Few temples and a haunted land - Part two.

The bus journey to Rameshwaram was not tough compared to previous KSRTC ride. The winter air was cool even in the midday. We had our lunch from the bus itself. Lunch comprised of few guava fruits and biscuit we bought from Madurai.

After almost 4 hours we reached Pamban. The ride over the Pamban bridge was really fun. I went to the front of the bus to getter a better view of the bridge and made a few friends there who were fishermen from Dhanushkodi. I Politely rejected the offer to spend the night in their huts as we had other plans.

We reached Ramashewaram around 08:00 PM. Our plans here were the night stay and temple visit next morning. Rameshwaram main bus station is kind of a less crowded place as the main town grew around the temple, which is few kilometers away.

I suggested that it will be better and cheaper to stay close to the temple, as there will be more choices there.

Another bus dropped us near the temple. At first glance itself, I got the idea that it will be tough to find a place to stay as the place was jam-packed with people. Three days leave was a good opportunity for devotees to visit their favorite temple.

We took circles around the temple and visited each and every hotel but was out of luck. Most of the hotels were full or asking very high rates. One good soul from the fourth or fifth hotel we visited suggested to go to the west side of the temple, as it has no vehicle access hence fewer tourists visit that side.

At last, we got a room for 1000 Rs, which was the cheapest from our search. The room was really shabby and cramped. It was not even worth 300 Rs, but we had no choice as it was getting late and more and more people were reaching the place as time passes.

We freshened up and had dinner. We mainly had 2 items on tomorrow's list. The temple and Dhanishkodi.

I got up early in the morning. Arshad was too tired to get up, so I took a bath and left for the temple. The temple has around 22 Ponds/ well to take bath from and there are separate queue and ticket for it. As time was short I went straight inside. I paid for the special line so that I could speed up the visit.

After the temple, Arshad joined me for a quick breakfast. Then we inquired about places to visit and how to visit. we skipped some of the places like more temples, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam's museum etc due to time, interest and budget constraints.

My dream of riding a van through the sea road shattered when we heard that Government has constructed a new road till the tip of Dhanushkodi. With a broken heart, we took an auto as we could make occasional stops for seeing places on the way (Auto was costly. There's regular transport bus available at short intervals).

Main places for us to visit where the church and railway station ruins, Dhanushkodi Beach, and the oceans sangamam.

The auto ride was really fun as we had the sea on both sides. On the way we saw a crowd on the shore, only to find people fishing. We rushed to see what was going on. Fresh fish were jumping off from the net in the shore with people around bargaining with the fishermen. Others men were fishing with nets in waist deep water. I haven't seen that much fish in my entire life before. It was really fascinating to watch.

After all the fish and fishing we went straight to the tip of Dhanushkodi to see the oceans sangamam point. The place was crowded with tourist. The sangamam point was a wonder to watch, as waves hit us from two sides. we spent few hours here walking through the water and the sand.

On our way back we again stopped to see some fishing. We also stopped by at the fishing harbor to take a quick look. The water was really blue unlike I have seen in other places. Our ride ended at the boarding point near the hotel room from where we started.

We took rest for few hours, freshened up and walked to the railway station. There we took a train to Madurai. Ride through the Pamban on a train was far better experience than the road.

All photos are taken with a Oneplus 5t. And they are not edited expect for the watermark.
We reached Madurai around 08:00 PM. We had dinner at a joint near the bus station. We took the AC semi sleeper bus to Calicut which we had already booked the previous day. Reached Calicut at around 07:00 AM Sunday morning.

Trip Synopsis:
Previous Day: Calicut (11:15 PM) ------> Madurai (day 2 06:30 AM)
Day One: Madurai (04:00 PM) ------> Rameshwaram ( 08:00 PM)
Day Two: Rameshwaram (09:00 PM) ------> Dhanushkodi ( 10:00 PM)
                    Dhanushkodi ( 01:45 PM) ------> Rameshwaram (02:15 PM)
                    Rameshwaram ( 04:15 PM) ------> Madurai (08:00 PM)
Next Day:   Madurai ( 09:30 PM) ------> Madurai (day 2 06:30 AM)

Trip Expenses:
The Total expense was around 3500 Rs for two including travel, food, and accommodation.
Some of our Major expenses are listed below:
  • Calicut Madurai KSRTC: 412 Rs * 2
  • Madurai freshen up room: 310 Rs
  • Jigarthanda: 40 Rs * 2
  • Bus Madurai to Rameshwaram: 145 Rs * 2
  • Room in Rameshwaram: 1000 Rs
  • Rameshwaram Auto: 800 Rs
  • Train Rameshwaram to Madurai: 65 Rs * 2
  • AC Bus Madhurai to Calicut: 650 Rs * 2

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