Weekend fish-pedition to an historical port.

Most of the weekends are either spend on a trip or back home. This week I stayed back at Kozhikode for no special reasons.

I worked on Saturday and spend most of the Sunday cleaning. Afternoon once all my chores were finished, I thought about visiting some local destinations.

Even though I had spent my college days here in Kozhikode I haven't explored much. I had heard about Beypore port, it's historical significances and the famous fish markets. I set my google map to the designation and it showed just 30 mins of drive from me. I left for Beypore.

 While visiting the port and the Passenger ship to Lakshadweep, which was docked there I saw the Vessel (That carry passengers and vehicles). I was really excited and wanted to try it.

I took a 15Rs ticket for my bike and boarded the Vessel. It was just around 10 Minutes ride to the other side. I looked at google map for places to see on this side.

I saw a fish market just a few feet away from me. so I parked my bike and walked to the place. The place was deserted except for a small group around a boat at the shore.

The fishing boat had just arrived a few minutes ago. The sellers have gathered around for auctioning. Sardine was the catch of the day. It was really fun watching the auction. I stayed there and clicked many pictures. People were really cooperative and happy being clicked.

I left my apartment expecting to shoot some fishermen and the market, but as it was a Sunday my hopes where low. But I was not disappointed. I also got a good chance to test out my newly bought 14mm 2.8 lens.

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