We pitched tent beneath millions of stars - part I

This is not going to be your average travelog or travel guide for a Himalayan adventure. This is the sweat, pain, and "shit" I have been through during my trip. This is my story. The story of how I did my first trip to Himalayas and survived to tell the story.

We all wish to travel north to the Himalayas, be one with nature, live a few days disconnect, enjoy nature at its rawest, and to change and be a new person bla...bla... I got all this and more in my last prodigious trip.

Itching its way into my explicit memory

Generation gap, that's the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about Karthik. Even though he is just in his second year at college, he has done more bike trips and treks than I have ever done. Today's kids, they are born on their bikes (Trying to be matured and the elder brother here :p ).

Even so, we both had never been to Paithalmala. He had been to Palakkayam Thattu before, which is close by but has a different terrine. Vignesh's friend Jithin also joined us for the trip. By the by Vignesh and Karthik are both the same persons. I don't want to drag you to this confusion, so let's just call him Karthi for this trip.

Weekend fish-pedition to an historical port.

Most of the weekends are either spend on a trip or back home. This week I stayed back at Kozhikode for no special reasons.

I worked on Saturday and spend most of the Sunday cleaning. Afternoon once all my chores were finished, I thought about visiting some local destinations.

A walk midst the fragrances

Last November's trip to Mumbai was a well-planned one as it was to attend Asha's marriage function. So I had a lot of time to set places to visit on the trip.

When I googled around, I found Dadar flower market. I just felt love at first sight for the place. One of the biggest flower markets is the dream location for a Street Photographer like me.

Few temples and a haunted land - Part two.

The bus journey to Rameshwaram was not tough compared to previous KSRTC ride. The winter air was cool even in the midday. We had our lunch from the bus itself. Lunch comprised of few guava fruits and biscuit we bought from Madurai.

After almost 4 hours we reached Pamban. The ride over the Pamban bridge was really fun. I went to the front of the bus to getter a better view of the bridge and made a few friends there who were fishermen from Dhanushkodi. I Politely rejected the offer to spend the night in their huts as we had other plans.